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Infestation: Survivor Stories Server is ONLINE!

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Here are some rules and information about our server.

The server got online 13/09/2013 for 31 Days, this is a test to see if we get enough people to play it, if we do NOT get as many people as i have hoped than the server will be gone after those 31 Days, no point in having a server for only 1-5 players.

Enflask Members will get the password in the mailbox, DO NOT post the password ANYWHERE on the internet NOT even here.

Server Rules:

  1. Do not kill real players.
  2. No Cheating/Hacking.
  3. Do not bring a friend of a friend, ask Chris first.
  4. Enflask Members only
  5. Reserved slot for everyone who donate's 500GC

500GC donations will get:

  • Free slot
  • Special Rank on the forum
  • Special Rank on Raidcall
  • A chance to win a Razer equipment every 2 months
  • A invite to the clan Enflask with special V.I.P Rank

Please read the rules and everything will go swell :p

P.S: The people that donate 500GC a month will receive the password every month instantly in your mail box.

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